Thursday, September 8, 2011

Evidence of Love

The funeral sermon began....
"Last Sunday at 7:45 am, while most of us were getting ready to go to our own worship services, Betty said "Hey, I think I'll go to a better worship service" and she left us and went to worship face to face at the feet of Jesus.'"

 I can bet that what the pastor said was a pretty close rendition to how it happened . She Loved her Jesus. And she loved to worship.

Her Love for him was even more apparent as we went through her entire house of things. She had no children, no husband (he died 24 years earlier). Jesus was her all.

As I looked at things in drawers, books, papers, and letters... it became extremely apparent to me that she didn't just love Jesus, but she had an all consuming love for Him like you read about in Song of Solomon. It was evident in everything she owned. I wish I could adequately share with you all that I saw.

It challenged me, and MY love relationship with Christ.

Do I love him like that?

I began to wonder what people would see of me when I died. Would they stand beside my bed, look through my things and say "Wow, This women Loved Jesus"?

What evidence is there?

We all have our own story. We all have our own love relationship with the Lord. I'm not comparing myself to her. But what I am doing is searching my life and challenging myself to go deeper. Know him more. Express my utter "in-Love-ness" to him and to the world with a broader brush.

Our death can be the most powerful witnessing moment of our life. When we stand our life on the promise of our faith, it is remembered. It is recognized. And all think about their own mortality. Their inevitable relationship with the creator of that life.

If they don't they are already dead.

What will people say was your life message? Will it challenge them? Let's love the Lord out loud and in color together. Join me?

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  1. I've been thinking about this ALOT lately -- my life message. When people meet me, see me, I want them to see HIM. When people leave me, I want them to leave me feeling better off than when they came to me, encouraged, loved, compassion, understanding, accepted. I long for my message to be the message Jesus sent. I too am challenged -- thank YOU for sharing this... xo