Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hope Deferred

In the winter you can't see the spring, and if while in the winter you only believe in what you see, you are missing truth. Because the truth is that spring is coming, and death is no more.

This is my answer to those who say they only believe in what they see. How short sighted. In the natural world this would be considered ridiculous, but when we start talking about God, suddenly those of us who believe spring is coming are the crazy ones. Interesting how the enemy uses this. The bible calls our faith in spring coming hope deferred (psalm 13:12). I like that. My hope is real, though it feels deferred so much of the time. I think about the things happening in this world and I feel very much worried that the spring may never come. And almost in the same instant I feel frightened that it will suddenly appear and I haven't done enough preparations and will be caught with my guard down. Hope Deferred. Hope hoped for. Hope realized. Wow, that day is coming soon.

What is it that you are hoping for in your life? How long has it been "hope deferred"? Is it a promise from the Lord? Think about that hope that you hold so dearly and remember that just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's any less real. God lives in infinite wisdom, and he holds that thing in his hand until the time is right for hope deferred to become hope realized. Take heart, our waiting lasts only a short while, but our joy will be everlasting. Blessings to you sisters in Christ