Monday, September 12, 2011

Faith. Standing on the Promises

I Love the book of Romans. Truly, if I were on a deserted Island and I could only have one book of the bible, I would be torn between choosing John or Romans. I just adore the 1st chapter of John. Poetic Truth.

But today I was reading that famous passage in Romans 4:18-25 speaking about the great faith Abraham had when He was promised to have a son at such an old age. The specific passage that God brought to my attention today was Verse 20a...

"Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God" Romans 4:20a

Wow, now there is a real hero of the faith. It challenges me, and makes me think about my own.

Early on in my faith, God showed me something about my walk with him. It was a promise that has never left me. So my question when I read this today was, have I wavered through unbelief regarding the promise God made to me?

I would love to say I am just like Abraham. But I'm not. I waver. I fail. I lose sight. I get turned around. But God knew I would be like this. So he makes up the difference. Isn't that just like him? Loving us to  completion? Bearing our burden so we may stand!

What is it today that makes your faith waver? Is it negative thoughts. Here's one that goes through my mind.

"Oh honey, that's not for you. That is only for special people"

....hmmm. LIES! Christ's victory is for ME in everything he purposes! and it's for YOU! He has incredible plans and will use the least of us to accomplish the most mighty deeds.

I am blessed by the thought that He is with me when none will go with me. And not one person on this earth can ever take this from me.

There may be roadblocks, troubles, and hardships. But we are only being trained like an Olympic athlete to be champions of the faith like Abraham.

I want to run my race today. I am overjoyed to run my race today. Enemy beware, because God is doing a new thing  and HE has the victory.

I love that. It's still about loving him, trusting him, and HIS victory. It's still All about HIM!

Lord, let your spirit move and work in me. Let it be, no matter the cost.


  1. Thought provoking post, Kari. I am no Abraham either. But my faith has certainly grown over the years. I too, find those negative thought trying to enter or re-enter. It's the enemy's attempt to halt our progress. But as long as we have the faith to keep going...look out to the GLORY of God!


  2. Yes! Truth! It is all about him, and we have to be aware of the voice of the enemy, he is real but he is also the looser! good stuff Kari!