Friday, September 23, 2011

Awkward No More!

So yesterday I did something I had been putting off for a long time. I had been putting it off because it felt awkward. Strange. Even a little vulnerable.

But I knew it was something I needed to do.

Here's how ridiculous I was. I had been wanting to pray with my friend for a long time. I mean we were both believers. Talked about Jesus all the time, prayed all the time... Just not together.  It was one of those things that should have happened long ago, but because of awkwardness it didn't.

How utterly silly is that? Why couldn't I say to my dear friend who I talk to everyday, express my thoughts and feelings with and love dearly, "Let's pray together"?

Here is the truth. There is power when two of us come together in prayer. Period. Scripture teaches that,  I've experienced it, it's truth.

Here is what else is truth. The enemy of our soul doesn't want us doing anything that is powerful. He will use whatever means he has at his disposal to keep us from doing what God clearly tells us is powerful. For me he just happened to use awkwardness. For someone else it could be lack of time or fear.

What is the enemy convincing you to avoid doing that you know you should?

So do you know what happened when I finally asked her to pray with me? We prayed. God was honored. And the Enemy was defeated!

Now I know that the enemy has his sights on me. He will probably try to hit me in a hurtful place now that I let God rule over this fear. If you didn't read yesterdays post on Battle Scarred Healing read it now and you will see what I'm talking about.

But here is what else I know. If he is after me, it's only because the Holy Spirit working in me is a threat to his bigger plans. And that causes me much joy.

Be Brave Blessings Today Friends,


  1. So sweet...there is so much power in coming together in prayer...I am so greatful for the women in my life that are also united with me in prayer and in our common faith and strength in Christ....if you know you share that then you should definitely be able to pray glad you were able to get past that and connect in that special way!!! (Love you both!! xox )

  2. So many little "niggling" things make me feel awkward and I push them to the back of my soul to avoid them -- thank you for nudging me to dig them out... :)

  3. Kari! It's as if you are targeting me with your post. Thanks!! I called a trusted friend in the Lord this morning,to talk to her about my feelings about the 1 year anniversary of my blog. I didn't want to, but I needed to share with her what God was telling me about the blog. I've been holding off telling her-but when I did, I realized God had positioned her to counsel, pray for, and encourage me. She was ready to talk with me, and I came out of the conversation with clarity and confirmation. I don't know why we feel so uncomfortable "being real" or having awkward conversations. I think God uses them as ministry opportunities; both parties are blessed and God is glorified!


  4. Thank you for this insightful, honest post. It struck a cord with me and convicted me. God has used you to reach others. Thank you for allowing him to do so. Praise God!

  5. Most beautiful Kari! Such an important reminder!!! So true that the enemy does not want us to do anything that is powerful. Let's rebel (against the enemy) and start taking authority in Christ over all unclean spirits and any awkwardness within ourselves!