Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Faith and Blessings.

I was challenged by the reading in my devotional this morning. It was about what it takes to be a pillar of the faith.
Faith and blessings are usually what we want.

We pray for them.
We hope for them.
We seek them.

But much of the time we shun their forever companions of 'trials and testing, sorrow and suffering'. No one likes those companions, but they are necessary to grow the type of pillars of the faith that we long to be. The question is are we really willing to walk the path necessary to be a giant of the faith. What if we stopped looking at the companions as something to be feared, and instead looked at them as helpers along the way, perhaps we would yield to their training and be changed by them. What if we looked at them like we would look at a doctor or a surgeon. Who is willing to hurt us in the short term, to cause us to be healed in the long term?

Have you ever read Hinds feet on high places? It is a wonderful allegorical story of that walk up the steep mountain and that path we must take to be pillars of the faith.

"Faith grows amid storms" Here is an excerpt from today's reading in my favorite devotional... the one I read everyday, "Streams in the Desert" ( you can find a copy of it to the right of this post)

..."When you see a giant (of the faith), remember the road you must take to come up to his side is not along the sunny lane where wild flowers ever bloom; but a steep, rocky,narrow pathway where the blasts of hell will almost low you off your feet; where the sharp rocks cut the flesh, where the projecting thorns scratch the brow,a nd the venomous beasts hiss on every side."

I have a new favorite song, Blessings by Laura Story. The one line that catches my attention is  "What IF your blessings come through raindrops and your healing comes through tears??" Gives me something to think about today for sure.

Be blessed today!


  1. LOVE this song, and this such a great reminder, Kari!

  2. I have been learning this! The suffering is what makes us more like Christ, we need to surrender to it. So good, thanks for the confirmation of what God is trying to teach me. ;)