Friday, July 8, 2011

5 Minutes for Gratefulness

 The Gypsy Mama  has an invitation to write for 5 minutes flat (without editing) on the subject of being Grateful, then link up and see what others have written about. I want to invite you to join in! Here is my five minutes on gratefulness....

I am grateful for mistakes. I am grateful for hurting and desperate moments that turn into joy inexplicable.

I am grateful for her.

I am grateful that HE chose her for me, that it is beyond what I could have chosen and that I in a moment of open hearted-ness chose to allow him to let her be. I am grateful that painful moments give way to precious gifts unexpected.

How can I explain how grateful I am for her eyes. Those deep penetrating eyes that show me her soul. How can I tell what is important about this girl that wraps me up in utter on the floor bury my face in my hands and weep gratefulness. She is beauty, she is hope, she is a precious gift I scarcely knew I needed. But oh how I needed her.

I am grateful for prayers answered, and answers that come that don’t seem like blessings at the time, but become a truer blessing than the one I could imagine.

I am grateful for 3 years today of that answer. I am grateful for her.

Happy 3rd Birthday My Sweet Sarah! 


  1. My heart wept for the depth of your gratefulness and motherhood! She is beautiful, and I wish ... that I had known God so that I could have appreciated my boys in such a manner, selflessly, unconditionally in my circumstance, as I sense your may have been.

    I am grateful that I can feel those things today ... that His Son stepped up and took my hand, showing me how a heart really loves!

    Thank you for this so genuine jewel of a share!
    Happy to meet you.

  2. Thank you so much Andrea for your sweet words of encouragement. I am so pleased to meet you too.