Friday, July 1, 2011

Bounty and Blessings

Good Morning Friends! I love this time of year don't you? The weather warms and the flowers bloom and, my favorite part...the STRAWBERRIES ripen!

I love eating them plain right out of my garden, slicing them on strawberry shortcake, and dipping them in sour cream and brown sugar... I know that last one sounds a bit strange, but trust me it is amazingly delish!

Last night I picked the days harvest. Look at the bounty that came out of my garden just yesterday!

Strawberries from my Garden! Yum!

 What a blessing! Having this blessing gives me such joy. There is nothing like reaping what you've sown! In years past I haven't planted anything, and didn't get that joy of having a good harvest. 

That got me thinking about my relationship with the Lord. What am I sowing now? Right now? What harvest will I see in heaven? What will last and be enjoyed? What (or who) will I bring to the banquet table? That is what is ultimately important. My life, my work, needs to be rooted in that goal.

Today as I go through my day, I want to think about those strawberries, how much I enjoy them, and how much the Lord enjoys the sowing I do for him. I so want to please him. He is the core of my purpose, and I want to live my life with a Harvest mindset. There is much work to be done, and the time is short. Who are you (and who am I) sowing our love for the Lord in today?

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