Friday, March 18, 2011

Kids = God's Training School

Have you ever wondered WHY your kids challenge you in certain ways that just make you want to scream? Or even asked yourself "why can't my kids be more like 'so-in-so's' kids.... they act so normal". Well, I have a long held belief that God gives us the kids we NEED as a way of working out in US the characteristics that he want's to heal.

Actually, I think that kids teach us WAY more about how to live for Christ then we will ever teach them. I think they are "God's Lab" for our life.... Ya know?

Well, I had a tough exam in that lab yesterday. I think every one of my sharp edges, unrefined points, and ugly characteristics were challenged to rear their heads yesterday.

I love those kids of mine with a love I didn't know was possible. But boy O boy are they helping work out the sinful characteristics in me. They teach me to confront my fears, kill my preconceived ideas, adapt to circumstances, love (when I don't want to), serve (when I don't want to), and be tireless in seeking the good for another at the expense of my own desires.

Sounds a bit like how God wants us to Love the World doesn't it? So you might even say that parenthood is a great missionary training school, if we pay attention what God is trying to teach!

What is God teaching you through you kids?


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  1. Oh this is so true! They teach me that i need to slow down and listen sometimes!