Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trusting for Answers

I am struck today by the answers to prayer that have come to me from prayers that I begun long ago. Just the other day I received a surprise in the mail that came from a very unexpected place. When I researched it, I see that it had traveled to me from far away, and had gone through many crazy twists and turns to actually get to me. Though it was sent the very month I began praying for this specific blessing, I didn't get it for 4 months.

It reminds me of the story in Daniel when the angel says to him...
"Since the first day that you sent your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your Words were heard, and I have come in response to them. But the prince of the Persian Kingdom resisted me twenty-one days." Dan 10:12-13

Sometimes when we pray our answers are delayed, but God hears us when we set our mind on gaining His understanding. When we seek HIM first and HIS understanding then the answers come. Even if they are long in coming we must ALWAYS trust him. He is so faithful. Oh how I love that about him.

Amy Carmichael says it best...
  "...Do not forget that the answer to many prayers is, 'wait', or Sometimes, 'No, not that, but something else, which, when you see ME, you will know was a far better thing."

Oh I love that, don't you? When we see Him we will know that everything was worth it, and that what he chose for us was a far better thing that the ease we would choose for ourselves. It all comes down to trusting. Trusting even when we feel we are being bound and placed upon the alter for sacrifice

Thank you Lord, remind me of your trustworthiness often. I know I can trust you. you are good to me!

What are you trusting the Lord for today?

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  1. oh Thanks Kari Friend. This is so timely for me. Jesus speaks through you!!