Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Me Time

So last week I got sick.--Really sick.
When it hit me I was down for the count... 12 hours solid in bed. I literally can't remember the last time I spent that much time in bed.

I was in pain. Horrible stomach and back pain that kept me mostly awake those 12 hours.

I had the chills and couldn't get warm for hours.

I couldn't walk upright for the pain in my stomach and back

I was exhausted and would sleep for brief periods in between the stomach cramps and back pain.

I was sick.

And do you know what I did for the whole 12 hours?
I thanked God over and over and over for it. 

I prayed "Oh Lord, Thank you for this time you've given me to be alone and with you... This time that I can spend worshiping and talking to you."  I felt blessed! Like I had finally gotten a long drink of cold water after working outside in the heat and dust.

Seriously. I didn't pray, "let this stop"... or "heal me". Not because I wanted it to go on, but because I was truly thankful for time when I didn't have to be anywhere, cook anything, help anyone, solve a problem, clean a mess, or be needed. It was all me time. And I savored it! Every Last Second.

Ok, you might be thinking I'm crazy, but I really just need that time. I don't have any time when I'm not needed. Someone always needs mom/ wife/ CEO.... I am never off the clock. I know I need to make ME-Time a regular habit for my own sanity, but who do I take it from? My children who need me? My husband who I love and who I don't spend enough time with as it is? My business that feeds us?

I just don't have it. 

And neither do so many of us women who are juggling so many things. But that isn't what God would have for  us. We need to set that time aside. To have quiet uninterrupted time. But it's so much harder to get than it is to say.

But now I'm inspired. God allowed this sickness to come over me to show me that it really is something I need. Even if I push it down and pretend I'm ok, I really do need time that is just me. Moments when I'm not disturbed. Time where no one needs me, and no one will come knocking at the door just to ask me where the tape is.... {grin - same place as it's always been!!}

So here it the thing. I know I need it. God has made it apparent that I really do need it. And now I am making it official... I need Guilt-Free Alone time. So I am going to be consistently praying that God would provide it for me. That he would show me where I can have it, how I can have it, and what I should do with it once I get it.... and I will let you know what I find.

So my question to you is How do you find quiet (guilt-free) uninterrupted  me time? And what would you suggest I do to get mine? I love all suggestions!


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  1. Another great post Kari. Isn't amazing how God will allow us to go down for our own good? We often associate these things with our adversary, but they God often places us in a quiet, albeit uncomfortable place. I am happy to hear you are better; but what now? May I suggest (and I pray this isn’t overreaching) 3 blog posts I wrote:
    I pray these post bless will be a blessing to you. God helped me immensely when He moved my heart to write them. I am learning every day to take time to pause.
    Blessings my friend!