Friday, April 15, 2011

Time + Conflict

Without going through the Journey there is no building of strength. Without being put through the test there is no skill developed. You know, those are not my favorite words that I've ever written. Going through the Journey is hard, and being put through the test is scary.

"The War between the house of David and the house of Saul lasted a long time. David grew stronger and stronger, while the house of Saul grew weaker and weaker." 2 Samuel 3:1 

But what would David have been like if he had taken the throne over the entire house of Israel the day Samuel anointed him? He was just a kid. Would he have grown into the man that God would eventually use as the line in which to bring Jesus? Would he have been the brilliant warrior that he was? Would he have been able to write the Psalms? I think not. It was the time + the conflict that made the man. God was faithful to complete the work in him, even if it meant pain.

I don't exactly love the time + conflict equation. How about you? But just like God did with David, he uses the conflict to strengthen us and build in us the spiritual muscle we need to win the race. So he chooses to have us go through periods of conflict, and times when we think we will die from the waiting. Pain is a close companion at times.  But honestly, when I look back on past hard journeys that I have been through with the Lord, I realize that I wouldn't give them up now. What he has developed in me through those seasons, I greatly treasure.

"God is never in a hurry, but spends years with those he expects to greatly use. He never thinks the days of preparation too long or too dull" ~ Streams in the Desert
Thank you Lord that you are able to complete what you have begun in me. I look forward to the day I stand before you and can see all things completely.


  1. Yes yes yes! God's timing, isn't this what we are learning? =) =)

  2. I was blessed by this post. The
    hardest thing to do as Christian
    women is to wait on the LORD to make
    us what He desires us to be. Looking
    back over the 19 years since God saved me by grace, I can honestly say,
    "THANK GOD" He did not allow
    me to do things in my own time and in my own way,